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I am super passionate about supporting others to dream big, dare greatly and create a life, career and | or business they truly love.

What I love to do in my heart of hearts and what I’m really good at is helping others to also follow their dreams, improve their careers and live happy and fulfilled lives. For I know that it is possible. It makes me happy to see and celebrate the successes of my clients as they find out what they truly want to do with their lives, get the job of their dreams or excel in their current career, launch new ventures or take their businesses to the next level – while also making sure to have quality time with their loved ones and take good care of themselves.

For I know what feels like on the other side. For many years I didn´t know what my gifts were, what I truly wanted to create in my career and life, let alone how to get there. I walked a long way until I finally arrived where I am today – it was an eventful path with ups and downs and I definitely learned a lot. Today I know that there is no better feeling than having truly “arrived”, being in alignment with your true, authentic self. What I love to do in my heart of hearts and what I’m really good at is helping others to also follow their dreams, improve their careers and live happy and fulfilled lives. For I know that it is possible.

I believe that there is an incredible potential within all of us and that we can achieve amazing things with the right strategies, a powerful mindset and the right support – and I would be thrilled to support you in reaching your dreams as well.

My Path

My Path

Be what you want to be, not what others want to see.

What's important to me

Optimism and Motivation.

I am a really positive person with lots of energy and often carry others away with me (think of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh). If you need a hint of sunshine or energy, you can count on me. And I also know these times when it’s difficult to get motivated. In times of setbacks and weariness I will be there to remind you that you can indeed reach your amazing goals, that I´ve helped you to get clear on – the ones that make your heart jump with joy and excitement. I will cheer you on like a personal cheerleader if you need an extra helping of courage and motivation. Or will encourage you calmly on your exciting path into a happier life – whatever helps you most.

Efficiency, Structure and Goal Orientation.

Due to my many years of experience as consultant | headhunter, personnel developer and career coach, I can not only give you valuable tips on all career related issues, e.g. CV | resume, cover letters, interview preparation, job search strategies, etc., but am also able to help you figure out what makes your heart beat faster and in which career direction you want to develop respectively. And I will help you in developing a strategy on how to reach this goal. Furthermore, I am happy to support you in improving your work-life balance and thus your life in general – after all, your professional and private life go hand in hand. All of this will be done in a structured and efficient way, without losing sight of your ultimate goals.

Seize the Day.

As a hospice volunteer, I experienced many sad but also precious moments. The solidarity of people and what really counts in life. And each time it was a reminder but also a warning for me not to forget that life is finite and that the clock is ticking. Thus, I check my goals and priorities regularly and try to make the best out of my life on a daily basis, and not adjourn anything that’s important to me. Because at the end of life we usually regret only those things we didn’t do.

Empathic Support.

It has always been important to me not to let anyone alone with his|her problems and worries and I always find it easy to empathize with others. In my international study year in Santa Barbara, California my colleagues awarded me the title “most helpful”. Until today I always try to walk through life with open ears and eyes and not to look away when harm and injustice happen – even though it sometimes breaks my heart. This helpfulness and empathic support are the basis of my work. I truly believe that we can achieve more together, therefore I will not let you alone. I will accompany you as you take your first steps or as long as you need and want support.

Lifelong Learning.

As you can see from above, I believe in lifelong learning. Change determines our lives and there is so much to experience – and there are so many interests slumbering within me that one life alone won’t be enough. But I always try to stay curious and try new things – like playing the guitar or learning Swedish. Some things I drop soon, others stay with me and accompany me for a long time, like meditation or my psychology studies for example. It’s not compulsory for my job, but it enriches me. Lifelong learning helps me to broaden my horizon, gain new ideas and make invaluable experiences – which can be helpful in all areas.

Holistic Approach and Resilience.

Career is not everything. It’s funny to hear that from a career & success coach, right? Makes me wonder, too 🙂. But due to my many years of experience in headhunting | HR and coaching, I realized not only that everyone defines career differently, but also how important everything else around it is, like family and friends, health, fun and relaxation. For example, I don’t find it difficult to work hard, but rather need to make sure to also grant myself times of rest and pure fun. And I believe that each of us has blind spots and potential for improvement. Apart from the classical career consulting and coaching, I can therefore also support you in examining and improving your life holistically in terms of finding a better work-life-balance as well as strengthening your resilience – after all, your professional and private life go hand in hand.

Confidentiality and Trust.

At least since my time as a headhunter I know how incredibly important and valuable confidentiality and trust are. You can rely on the fact that everything we talk about will be treated confidentially. I truly believe that everyone can lead a better life – whatever that means to you individually – and you can trust me that I will support you whole-heartedly along that way.

Honest Interest.

Every person is unique and has a unique story. I am honestly and deeply interested in you and your story and will do my best to help you so that your next chapter in life will be just the way you want it to be. 

Courage to change.

In my coaching studies and leadership trainings I’ve learned that we cannot change others, but only ourselves. And even though that’s a pity at times, it is probably also good that way :-).  As soon as I do something differently, new possibilities, reactions and chances show up, often on a smaller scale, but every change effects something. I am here to support you in believing in your goals and be open to change – even when it´s scary. For magic happens outside your comfort zone and mindset is everything. I will have your back – so you can go for it and reach for the stars with an empowered mind and a courageous heart!

Dream Big.

Apropos, reaching for the stars – I am absolutely convinced that there’s an enormous potential slumbering within all of us that is just waiting to be awoken and that we can accomplish so much more than we believe we can. In my work I regularly meet clients who do not believe in big improvements and who buried their dreams a long time ago. Vision work is one of my personal highlights – there’s almost nothing more beautiful than seeing my coachees’ eyes shine when they are finally able to admit and envision their dreams, visions and wishes. And to then start implementing them. So much is possible if we just believe it. And yes, so much is possible if YOU dream big and dare greatly.

So dream big and dare greatly – what are you waiting for? 

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