Once we embark on our collaborative journey, you will experience the thrill of having a coach who truly understands you. I am here to listen to your needs and wants, help you get clear on your personal, career and | or entrepreneurial visions, dive right in alongside you, and work together to unlock your potential and bring your desired life to fruition.

My offer

My offer

How I help you help yourself

Trouble Shooting

I am here to assist you in identifying challenges and problems, and finding solutions. Through targeted troubleshooting, I support you in overcoming obstacles and discovering new paths.


I whole-heartedly support you in all career & personal development related issues – and your big Why behind. For the clearer you are on what you want and why you want it, the easier it will be to achieve it.


Together we develop a customized strategy to help you reach your exciting goals. I assist you in creating realistic steps and action plans to turn your beautiful vision into reality.


I support you throughout the transformation process as you evolve, grow, and bring about positive changes in your career and | or life. I am there to encourage, motivate, and inspire you as you unlock your full potential and journey towards a fulfilled and happy life.

I gladly support you in all career and personal development related issues

Work on your vision and your career.

You are not sure what to do with your life or which career really interests you and how you could pursue it? Your life doesn’t fulfill you anymore and you somehow have the feeling that this can’t be it? 

I help you figure out what you really want to do with your life, what your dream job or your dream of a fulfilled life looks like and how you can reach that dream step by step.

For the world needs you and your gifts. It so does.

Job search and application.

You don’t know exactly how you can find a new | better job, what a good CV | resume looks like or how to write a convincing cover letter?

I know various job search tools and strategies and am ready to help you find a job that you really like and write a great CV and a convincing cover letter.

Interview and screening preparation.

You made it to the next round and will have an interview or a hearing soon for an awesome job? 

Congrats!!  I would love to help you

Professional problems.

Are you having a conflict with your employee, colleague, boss? Are there upcoming changes in your workplace? Do you need to make decisions between different options and don’t know how to proceed? Or have other problems in your job?

Unfortunately, things don’t always go smoothly at work. I am here to help you solve your professional problems. In a safe environment, you can vent your frustrations and then work towards finding a solution. Together, we will examine your issue from different perspectives, develop decision-making aids, and search for the right solution for you. So you can smile again.

Motivation and self-confidence.

You would you like to change something in your life, but don’t know how or if you can do it

I´d be thrilled to support you. With the help of various methods, we will uncover your limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones so you can take over and enjoy your life with new joy and energy again. And follow your dreams with an empowered mind and a courageous heart. I can’t wait to see you rock your life!

Work-life-balance and burnout prevention.

You feel stressed, close to burned out and have the feeling you are caught in a hamster wheel, i.e. are running without ever arriving anywhere? You have no or only little time for your family, friends or your own self? You cannot recall the last time you have felt relaxed or happy?

You are not alone. In these fast moving times our lives get out of balance easily. I will help you look at your life holistically and sort it out by figuring out what is important and what needs improvement. I will also support you in uncovering your time and energy waster so you can improve your work-life-balance and give you tips and tricks on how to find rest and energy for the really important things in your life – whatever these may be. And I will stay by your side till you feel in balance and like your true self again.


It’s all about you and your issue. In our first coaching session you can get rid of anything that’s weighing heavily on your mind. We will take a look at your issue and will only stay with the problem as long as it is necessary for you – in order to then start searching for a solution that fits you. The amount of coaching sessions depends on the scope of the issue and the progress, among others. We will arrange this individually – whatever feels good and is needed.

Very often you will already feel a certain relief after the first coaching session – the weight on your shoulders should become lighter, the end of the tunnel is in sight, clarity emerges. That’s closely related to the solution orientation of the coaching and the feeling that you´re not alone anymore.

You can count on the fact that I will always give my very best to help you till you finally reach the solution that really fits you, till you feel great again. I am looking forward to support you!

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